Custom designed and manufactured supporting equipment that’s an integral part of the testing regime, used to interface with the pressure testing system.

Designed to assist with the functional requirements of the testing application, whilst also ensuring a safe working environment.

Our highly-skilled design engineers work closely with our customers and design and manufacture bespoke tooling that interfaces with the pressure testing systems such as safely securing the test products or device under test as an integral part of the testing regime.

Bespoke Tooling can be Designed to Integrate with:


Working closely with our customers to understand the technical specifications of the product and components that needs testing, means that we can design and develop 3D CAD models that integrate with imported CAD data, prior to engineering the final working solution.

To ensure all functional requirements of the equipment and testing application are met; space limitations and constraints within the vessel are considered, which also maximises the effectiveness of all integrated tooling.

All tooling supplied with our pressure testing equipment is proof tested, during the FAT of the complete system, prior to delivery.

Customer Specific Pressure Testing Tooling