Pressure vessel for testing subsea electrical connectors

(Ref: SO066, Equip No. 1006-1)

A pressure vessel used for production testing (FAT) subsea electrical connectors for the deepwater energy sector.

It consists of a solid closure with a face seal. A hydraulic power pack and control panel are used to actuate retractable 12 off chocks to lock and unlock the closure mechanism. Electrical switches determine that chocks are in either locked/ unlocked position and the closure plug is manually manoeuvred in and out of position, using an electrical or mechanical hoist. The closure plug has machined ports, to interface efficiently with the end users subsea electrical connectors.

Pressure450 bar (6,525 psi)
Bore sizeØ100mm to 200mm depth
Volume1,380 litre
Ports2 feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionCast material; BS3100, Grade A4
Corrosion protectionN/A

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