The safe operation, service and maintenance of any piece of pressure equipment, pressure vessel or pressure control system is essential to the efficient running of any organisation.  In turn it forms the basis of compliance to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992.

KW Designed Solutions offer various service agreements and preventative maintenance packages, not only for new or used pieces of KW Designed Solutions pressure equipment but also that of other manufacturers.

We are also able to offer a 24hr emergency callout response and spare parts package that ensures minimal down time in the event of a breakdown or system leakage.

Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance Agreements

All new KW Designed Solutions pressure equipment is issued with a recommended service and maintenance proposal.

Where service and maintenance is required for older, used or another manufacturer’s pieces of equipment; prior to agreement of a service and maintenance contract, an initial inspection will be carried out and a Preliminary Inspection Report (PIR) raised.

The PIR will detail the system specification, equipment age, uses and operational environment. We will then generate a recommendation list of servicing and maintenance activities, as well as a list of spares.

We will draft together an agreement based on one, two or three year service interval periods; which will be accompanied by a quotation and a recommended list of spares to be procured prior to the first service interval.

Service and Maintenance Activities

Generally, the following service and maintenance activities are performed:

  • Carry out a Full System SAT Site Acceptance Test
  • Identify and Report Any Further Additional Corrective or Preventative Actions Needed
  • Isolate and Clean Down of the Equipment
  • Overall Equipment Inspection to Identify Defects Such as Damaged Parts, Corrosion or Leaks
  • Provide a Comprehensive Service Report Signed Off by a KW Designed Solutions Appointed Person
  • Replacement of Fluid Cleanliness Filters, Seals and any Other Defective or Damaged Parts
  • Review of System Operation and Performance Against Tolerances and Specification

Further guidance on regulation 11 (Operation) and regulation 12 (Maintenance) of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 is given in the Approved Code of Practice Safety of pressure systems.

Spare Parts

We can supply a full range of spare parts for pressure vessels, pressure control systems and other pieces of pressure equipment:

  • Filters
  • Fittings and Adaptors
  • Flow Switches and Sensors
  • LP and HP Pumps
  • LP and HP Valves
  • Penetrators
  • Pressure Gauges and Transducers
  • Pressure Relief Valves PRV’s
  • Pump Service Kits
  • Seals and Back-Up-Rings
  • Valve Seat Kits
  • 24hr Callout Response

KW Designed Solutions has a global support team of trained & certified service technicians. They are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Design Engineering and Simulation Analysis

We invest in our team of highly skilled senior and junior design engineers who possess unrivalled expertise in designing hyperbaric pressure testing systems in accordance with the latest pressure vessel design codes, safety regulations, EU directives and international standards.
Our experienced personnel use their knowledge of advanced sub-contract manufacturing processes including, forging, casting, machining, moulding, welding and fabrication, and surface treatment for cost-effective solutions.
KW design engineers comply with design codes across many sectors, oil & gas, subsea, marine, nuclear, aerospace, defence, automotive, pharmaceutical and sciences.
automated control system for pressure testing subsea components

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Our experienced team of specialist electro-mechanical engineers perform qualification hydro tests on our hyperbaric systems and where appropriate witnessed by our notified body as required by the Pressure Equipment Directive.
Customers can witness the factory acceptance test both at our premises or remotely, followed by the hyperbaric test system’s installation and commissioning at the customer’s premises, including the final site acceptance test followed by basic and advanced operator training.

Service and Maintenance

Our engineers perform overall equipment inspections to identify defects such as damaged parts, corrosion or leaks, review the systems operation and performance against tolerances and specification as well as Isolating and cleaning down the testing equipment.
Replace fluid cleanliness filters and seals and further identify and report any additional corrective or preventative actions needed.
We provide comprehensive service reports signed off by our qualified appointed engineers.

Testing and Inspection

KW Designed Solutions provide annual inspections in line with a written scheme of examination by our competent qualified engineers in accordance with PSSR:2000. This can be carried out with new or recertified hyperbaric testing systems including pressure vessels, test chambers, hydrostatic testing vessels, autoclaves, reactor vessels and sight glass window vessels and associated control systems.