Specialised pressure vessels are required for many varied and diverse testing applications. Different terminology is often used to describe them, based on their application or associated industry.

At KW Designed Solutions we describe our pressure vessels as hyperbaric chambers, reactor vessels or autoclaves. All these vessel types are available with a closure style suitable for the intended application and specified with design pressures, temperatures and working volumes.

Hyperbaric Test Chambers

KW Designed Solutions hyperbaric chambers are used extensively by companies, who serve the offshore industry. Traditionally the name “hyperbaric” describes any chamber or vessel, that operates above atmospheric conditions.

Our hyperbaric chambers are ideal for simulating deep ocean pressures and the extreme, arduous subsea operating conditions, that many products encounter daily.

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Reactor Vessels

Reactor Vessels

KW Designed Solutions reactor vessels are used in laboratories, universities and research facilities worldwide.  The term reactor is used for pressure vessels, which are designed to contain a chemical or physical reaction.
The most notable type are reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) that form part of nuclear reactors. In other applications, smaller reactor vessels are used to safely contain any pressure or temperature change, whilst investigating the effects of a chemical reaction on a material or component.

Autoclave Vessels – HPHT Autoclaves

KW Designed Solutions autoclaves are used in both medical and industrial laboratories. The high pressure, high temperature autoclave is commonly associated with industrial applications, that operate at high pressure and high temperature; utilising a large access closure that enables quick and efficient loading and unloading.

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Sight Glass Window Pressure Vessels

We have designed, manufactured and supplied numerous sight glass window pressure vessels, to universities and research institutions. They are especially beneficial as you can easily view the internals of the vessel, enabling this to aid the testing strategy.