High pressure testing system for underwater robotics technology testing

(Ref: SO1008)

A high pressure testing system designed for a globally-renowned subsea robotics manufacturer. The high pressure system was designed for rigorous deepwater simulation testing robotics technology including advanced sensors, and electronics, along with whole subsea batteries.

Unmanned diving robots operating autonomously and reliably at depths of several thousand meters are in demand for marine research, exploration, deepsea mining, gas hydrate development along with oceanographic scientific research.

The high pressure testing system is comprised of the hyperbaric pressure test chamber with our quick-acting KWik-Lok closure which uses electrically actuated integrated tilting chocks, which safely lock the closure plug-in position during rigorous customer-specific test procedures.

Equipped with its fully automated pressure control system the test chamber is filled, purged pressurised, depressurised and drained as well as writing, editing, saving, loading, executing and monitoring test profiles along with harvesting essential data for test reporting.

Our experienced engineers installed and commissioned the high pressure testing system and supporting equipment, with full operator training including equipment description and functionality, along with all the essential pressure system safety procedures.

Pressure750 bar (10,878 psi)
Temperature0°C to +50°C
Bore sizeØ750mm to 2000mm depth
Volume900 litre
PortsMultiple ports and penetrations
Material of constructionAlloy steel
Test MediaWater

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