KW Designed Solutions has designed, developed and engineered pressure vessels, with tilting mechanisms incorporated into their design; allowing operation in vertical, horizontal or any position dependent on specific requirements.

When mounted in a suitable framework, they are quick and easy to access. Pressure vessels can simply be rotated and locked-off manually, using an ergonomic hand wheel and locking pin arrangement.

Pneumatic or hydraulic actuators can be used to tilt heavier vessels, from horizontal to vertical orientation. We can also automate this process; supplying electrically driven systems that utilise a compact motor, gearbox and sensor arrangement within the design.

pressure vessels with tilting mechanisms; allowing vertical, horizontal or any position dependent on the pressure testing requirements


  • 0 To 360° Rotation
  • Automated and Remote Operation
  • Compact Framework
  • Electrical Drives with Integral Motor and Gearbox
  • Manual Operation
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Lift for Up To 90° Tilt
  • Simple Safety Locking Mechanisms


  • Allows DUT to be tested in vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Enables access to both closures at opposite ends of the pressure vessel
  • Varying angular positions achievable
  • Vessel assemblies may be rotated to help with loading and unloading when there are space or height constraints

Applications and Customer Uses

Pressure Vessels supplied with the inclusion of tilting mechanisms are popular with customers who work within the Subsea industry.

Tilting mechanisms allow access to both ends of the vessel for test product set-up, insertion and removal. They also enable flexibility in orientating the test vessel; providing realistic connector alignment, when testing subsea electrical connectors.

Project Example

High Pressure Subsea Electrical Connector Testing System with Tilt Control

Designed and manufactured for a world-renowned subsea electrical connector manufacturer for the oil and gas industry.

A series of 2068 bar tilting hyperbaric pressure testing systems, designed to customer specific functionality to accommodate single and multiple products for enhanced testing regimes, more productively and safely within custom-built below level test cells.

Subsea Electrical Connector Testing System