Ancillary Equipment supports and enhances the operational capabilities of our products; enhancing customer’s own in-house testing facilities and ensuring the testing process is made as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

KW Designed Solutions supply a host of ancillary equipment types to complement the range of pressure vessels, pressure control systems and full testing facilities that we design, manufacture and install.

  • Baskets for Cables and Harnesses
  • Catchment Trays
  • Closure Parking Frames
  • Hydraulic and Electrical Port Adaptors
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Lifting Equipment – Hoist, Chains, Slings, Lifting Eyes
  • Support Tooling for Test Product (DUT or EUT)
  • Underwater Electrical and Fibre Optic Connectors
  • Vessel (Manhole) Cover
  • Pressure Vessel Liners

All equipment is designed and specified to provide the exact levels of functionality required; adding value and ensuring the superior quality of the equipment is maintained throughout its working life.

If your specific project, requires you to test new products with a differing set of testing requirements; our expert and highly-skilled team can design and manufacture specific equipment to suit your needs. Negating the large expense of dramatically changing your existing test set-up.

Ancillary equipment such as Closure Parking Frames, Baskets for Cables & Harnesses, Support Tooling for Test Product DUT or EUT to complement the range of pressure vessels and pressure control systems