Unique Pressure Testing Applications

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We supply complete engineered solutions for standard pressure testing applications and create unique, custom builds for more complex and challenging requirements.

We approach each project with the same meticulous attention to detail, to ensure we provide the most suitable, innovative and cost effective system for each customer’s individual needs.

One project example is where we created a clean pressure controlling environment to guarantee accurate results in high pressure testing using aggressive and dirty test media, by implementing a chemical/ diaphragm seal into the pressure control system.

At KW Designed Solutions, we work closely with our customers; ensuring we not only deliver exceptional, technical and market-leading products but a full turnkey service too.

Examples of Unique Applications:

  • Automated Hassler Cell for Permeability Testing
  • Chemical Seal
  • Cryogenic Seal Test Rig for Static and Dynamic Seal Testing
  • Diesel Injector Testing Rig for Atomisation Testing
  • Equipment for Monitoring and Controlling Pressure – Pressure Gauges, Transmitters and Switches
  • HPHT Chemical Seal For 2000 Bar Sour Gas Pressure Control System
  • Slow Strain Rate (SSRT) and Tensile Testing In H.P Sour Gas (H2S)

Chemical Seal

Equipment for monitoring and controlling pressure such as pressure gauges, transmitters and switches are most reliable when operating with clean fluid. When performing high pressure testing with aggressive and dirty test media, KW Designed Solutions can create a clean pressure controlling environment, by implementing a chemical seal (diaphragm seal) into the pressure control system.

A unique HPHT chemical seal was designed and implemented within a HPHT autoclave system, for accurate simulation of downhole sour gas environments.

Cryogenic Seal Test Rig

KW Designed Solutions has developed and engineered specialist pieces of high pressure equipment to conduct high, low and cryogenic temperature testing of elastomeric, PTFE and thermoplastic seals.

We have provided configurable solutions for testing both static and dynamic seal applications, with linear and rotary movement, that can also conduct back pressure testing.

Permeation Cell

KW Designed Solutions has designed and engineered special purpose high pressure, high temperature gas permeation cells for world-leading universities and research institutions.


Permeation cells that accurately quantify specific gas permeation rates through polymers and polymer composites.