We design, manufacture and supply advanced testing platforms that can accurately simulate extreme environments for universities and academic institutions, who conduct experimental research and testing.

We provide advanced pressure vessels, reactors, autoclaves and complete pressure control systems; designed and manufactured to the unique requirements of the project.

Our equipment enables universities to carry out industry based experimental studies and testing, across a broad range of applications including extreme, high pressure, high temperature environments.

Pressure vessel test system used in universities and academic Institutions conducting experimental research to accurately simulate extreme and aggressive environments

Equipment & Application types:

  • Deep Sea Simulation Vessel
  • Free Air Pyrolysis
  • Hydrogen Reaction Vessel
  • Sight Glass Window Pressure Vessels
  • X-ray Imaging of H.P Fuel Spray

Benefits to Universities:

  • Immediate Usability Helps Optimise Learning
  • In-House Testing Facilities, Constructed with Advanced Functionality
  • Pressure System Design & Manufacture Supports Learning
  • Reduces Project Lead Times
  • Safe Simulation of Aggressive & Corrosive Testing Environments