Our KW Designed Solutions designed and developed pinned closure high pressure testing vessels are predominantly used for production or research and development applications. The closure provides quick opening and closing of the pressure vessel and high cyclic duty, with a minimal number of components.

By taking the pinout, the closure plug can quickly and easily be removed. We can also automate this closing process if required; with the pin requiring full engagement to activate the safety system before any test can begin.

Our pinned closure pressure vessels are slender in design and when used vertically, have a narrow footprint and require minimal shop floor space.

Pinned closure


  • Materials of Construction: Stainless Steels, Carbon and Alloy Steels
  • Pressure Ratings: 100 bar to 2000 bar
  • Seal Types: O Seal with Back-Up-Ring, PTFE, Springsele®
  • Size: Between Ø50mm to Ø200mm Bore and Depths of 100mm to 2000mm
  • Temperature: -50°C to 200°C
  • Volumes: 0.5 Litre to 100 Litres


  • Custom Size and Pressure Range Available to Meet Specific Requirements
  • High Cyclic Life
  • Integral Safety Interlocking System
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Minimal Number of Components
  • Quick Acting Opening/ Closing Times: 2 Minutes to Open/ Close, 20 Seconds to Lock/ Unlock

Applications and Customer Uses

The KW Designed Solutions pinned closure pressure vessel has proven invaluable for clients in the scientific and materials research sector. Working closely with our customer’s specific requirements, this closure design has been developed creating a pressure vessel that uses two closure pins. These must be fully engaged into the incorporated safety system before any test can begin.

An activating shot bolt secures the vessel in position, whilst the operator sets up the components for testing. The equipment has been designed to perform tensile and compressive tests on test specimens (under hydrogen gas pressure) for the automotive industries. Using two pins allows space for the single and centrally positioned mechanical pull rod and the fluid and electrical feed through penetrations.

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Project Examples

Pressure vessel for tensile and compressive tests

This special-purpose pressure vessel has been designed to perform tensile and compressive tests on test specimens under hydrogen gas pressure.

  • Pressure Rating: 1000 bar
  • Size: Ø400mm x 200mm long
  • Temperature: -20°C to +100°C
  • Volume: 12 litres
pressure vessel designed and used for tensile and compressive testing in the world's leading aggressive environment testing facility