Our automated pressure control systems are engineered with pre-defined programmable functions, that self-manage control modes and both the hydrostatic or hyperbaric pressure testing functionality of the system

  • Filling
  • Purging
  • Pressurising
  • Pressure Control at Set Point
  • Depressurising (venting)
  • Draining

Each automated pressure control system is PLC driven, via a remote operator control panel; incorporating an HMI interface. Simple touch screen buttons activate various sequential operations, that carry out system functionality with no further operator input required.

User-level access control, process control, system shutdown, manual and automatic control modes, profile writing, data logging and remote access from a PC, tablet or mobile device.

To ensure operator safety and prevent damage to expensive OEM equipment, safety devices such as pressure indicators, overpressure relief devices and auto shut-off mechanisms are incorporated into each system.

We design and manufacture our automated pressure control systems with a modular approach; meaning they are easily configurable to provide different functionality depending on the end-users requirements.

We have standard systems available but our flexible approach and wealth of experience mean that we can provide bespoke designs to meet specific project objectives.

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  • Compact, modular skid mounted packages
  • Cyclic pressure loops
  • Data logging and remote alarm monitoring
  • Integrated holding tanks with run-dry protection
  • Leak test mode – pump and vent valve remains shut during dwell periods
  • Linear ramp rates for pressurisation and depressurisation
  • Liquid or gas
  • Pressure maintain mode – pump and vent valve open or closed to control pressure during dwell periods
  • Pressure Rating: 10 Bar to 2000 Bar
  • Temperature: -20°C to 300°C
  • User Definable Pressure Profiles


  • Easily configurable designs suitable for most applications
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Ideal for use with hazardous media or when extreme temperatures are involved. The control panel can be located remotely to the pressure vessel, allowing the operator to maintain full control of the equipment at a safe working distance
  • Minimal user input required whilst in operation – allowing the operator to multi-task
  • Modules are specified depending on the end-users testing requirements, preferences and budget; each offering differing levels of automation and control

Applications and Customer Uses

Automated pressure control systems are generally used by customers who have more complex pressure testing applications, where finer control and monitoring of the hydrostatic or hyperbaric pressure is required.

Our customers in the Energy and Subsea sectors use automated pressure control systems for product verification, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and production testing of subsea electrical components, hoses, cables, penetrators, valves and buoyancy products in line with API 6A PR2 and/ or API 17L.

Clients who conduct Sour Gas Testing (H2S) of materials for use in High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) applications, also use automated pressure control systems. The remote control and monitoring of the system ensures operator safety during lengthy test periods.

Automated Pressure Control System - Project Example

High Pressure Gas Control System

This gas testing system was designed and manufactured for our KW Pressure Testing facility. Many leading manufacturers and providers of ocean technology make use of our gas testing system as part of gas and submerged gas testing along with using the gas skid in conjunction with our environmental chamber.

High pressure gas control system