High Pressure Bolted Closure Pressure Testing Vessel (Project Example)

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Pressure testing subsea electrical and fiber optic connector systems

(Ref: SO575, Equip No. 2149)

Configured horizontally, this pressure vessel is used for carrying out qualification testing and production FATs on electrical and fibre-optic connector systems for subsea power and communications.

It has the ability to simulate most subsea extreme operating conditions by heating, chilling and agitation of the testing media – seawater with sand and silt, whilst allowing the test components to be manipulated; replicating the mate/ de-mate functionality of the equipment whilst live electrical testing is performed.

For such a large pressure vessel, the bolted closure design was chosen to optimize and ensure the longevity of the vessel closure sealing element whilst maximising the available space within the vessel. A bespoke bolt tensioning device was designed and manufactured to ensure the tightening sequence and operating torque of the bolting was equally obtained and a hydraulic closure control system.

Pressure550 bar (7,977 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +200°C
Bore sizeØ617mm to 6000mm long
Volume1800 litre
Portsmiltiple feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionASME SA705 GR630 H1150
Corrosion protectionN/A