High Pressure Testing Control Systems

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Our expert team design and manufacture compact pressure control systems, usually located within the test area, used for filling, purging, pressurising and draining the pressure testing media. A purpose-built robust portable skid includes the low and high pressure pumps, low and high pressure pipework, flow and pressure control valves, pressure monitoring equipment and test media holding tank.

The pressure control system simplifies and automates stringent, repetitive processes including:

  • Filling
  • Purging
  • Pressurising
  • De-Pressuring
  • Draining
  • Pressure Control at SetPoint
  • Temperature Control (if applicable)
  • Agitation (if applicable)
  • Mate/ De-Mate (if applicable)

We meticulously design the pressure control system with essential safety features, such as pressure indicators, over pressure relief devices, integrated water holding tanks and data logging capabilities.

Manual Pressure Control Systems (Fluid Control Modules)

Manual pressure control systems allow operators to control the systems pressure testing functions by hand. Suitable for simple pressure control where automation is not necessary; pressure adjustment is made by manually opening/ closing valves or using push button switches.

Manual pressure control systems, allows the operators to control pressure testing functions by hand, associated with lower risk testing applications
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Automated Pressure Control Systems (Fluid Control Modules)

Automated pressure control systems with pre-defined programmable functions that self-manage the control modes and functionality of the high pressure hydrostatic and hyperbaric testing systems. Systems are PLC driven, via a remote operator control panel, which incorporates an HMI control interface.