Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Leak Testing, NDT, Visual Inspection and Certification

We have manufactured high pressure vessels and pressure control systems since 2004 and are extremely proud of our exemplary levels of quality and safety; due to rigorous testing and inspection.

Our team of testing and inspection engineers are on-hand to provide unlimited access to customers with existing pressure vessels, autoclaves and other types of pressure equipment. These require the same levels of testing and inspection to ensure compliance with various industry codes, standards or directives.

The implemented testing and inspection regime of any piece of pressure equipment, pressure vessel or pressure control system, is essential to the efficient running of any organisation. These regimes form the basis of compliance to the pressure systems safety regulations 2000 PSSR. In many cases the customer is required to implement a written scheme of examination, which we can assist with if required.

Testing & Inspection

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

We can conduct hydrostatic pressure testing, both in-house and on-site, to provide assurance that the design strength, material quality and robustness of the sealing elements are adequate to ensure longevity and reliability.

Leak Testing

Leak testing using gaseous media can be conducted, as often gas will find a leak path where liquid wont.
This ensures the pressure equipment is leak tight, ready for service or operation and provides final confirmation.

Dependent upon the size and complexity of the equipment being tested; leak testing at maximum working pressure can be carried out in-house and on-site.

NDT and Visual Inspection

KW Designed Solutions carry out 100% NDT and visual inspections of all main pressure bearing components used in the manufacture of our pressure vessels.

Older pressure vessels or pieces of pressure equipment that are already in use, can also require non-destructive testing/ visually inspected to ensure they are performing safely at the required operating pressure.

This includes:

  • Where significant corrosion is identified
  • When there are concerns about the performance of “older” equipment
  • When damage has occurred or repairs and modifications have been carried out

A dimensional and visual inspection can be performed on areas of equipment that are easily accessible. Techniques such as Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) can be conducted to identify surface and sub-surface damage and irregularities in materials.

Ultrasonic NDT Testing can be used to measure wall thickness or identify internal flaws in the material or weld areas; determining whether the equipment can still perform as required.


All work carried out by KW Designed Solutions engineers is provided with the necessary regulatory and legislative documentation; providing assurance and traceability for the customer:

  • A Fully Comprehensive List of Materials and Parts Used Manufacturing
  • Certificates and Declarations of Conformity
  • Dimensional Drawings and Inspection Reports
  • Material Certificates
  • NDT Certification
  • Notified Body Certification
  • Pressure Test Certification
  • Pressure Vessels, Pressure Control Systems and Other Pieces of Pressure Equipment

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Design Engineering and Simulation Analysis

We invest in our team of highly skilled senior and junior design engineers who possess unrivalled expertise in designing hyperbaric pressure testing systems in accordance with the latest pressure vessel design codes, safety regulations, EU directives and international standards.
Our experienced personnel use their knowledge of advanced sub-contract manufacturing processes including, forging, casting, machining, moulding, welding and fabrication, and surface treatment for cost-effective solutions.
KW design engineers comply with design codes across many sectors, oil & gas, subsea, marine, nuclear, aerospace, defence, automotive, pharmaceutical and sciences.
automated control system for pressure testing subsea components

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Our experienced team of specialist electro-mechanical engineers perform qualification hydro tests on our hyperbaric systems and where appropriate witnessed by our notified body as required by the Pressure Equipment Directive.
Customers can witness the factory acceptance test both at our premises or remotely, followed by the hyperbaric test system’s installation and commissioning at the customer’s premises, including the final site acceptance test followed by basic and advanced operator training.

Service and Maintenance

Our engineers perform overall equipment inspections to identify defects such as damaged parts, corrosion or leaks, review the systems operation and performance against tolerances and specification as well as Isolating and cleaning down the testing equipment.
Replace fluid cleanliness filters and seals and further identify and report any additional corrective or preventative actions needed.
We provide comprehensive service reports signed off by our qualified appointed engineers.

Testing and Inspection

KW Designed Solutions provide annual inspections in line with a written scheme of examination by our competent qualified engineers in accordance with PSSR:2000. This can be carried out with new or recertified hyperbaric testing systems including pressure vessels, test chambers, hydrostatic testing vessels, autoclaves, reactor vessels and sight glass window vessels and associated control systems.