KW Designed Solutions engineers working closely with the customer and designed a pressure testing system equipped to test their assemblies more productively, safely, easier and faster, also with the ability to be able to accommodate and test a range of existing product assemblies and also be able to perform testing on larger diameter assemblies in the future.

The pressure test chamber is designed to an operating pressure of 700 bar (10,000 psi) having the capabilities of withstanding variable pressures to the product internally as well applying variable pressures externally to the product.

The pressure testing system has permanent electrical feedthroughs to the product on test to facilitate operating the component assembly and recording the test products pressure data. Specific ports and penetrations were designed to allow for the monitoring of the product under test conditions.

The pressure control system is designed to maintain and control variable and pre-defined pressure regimes around the test products internal and external surroundings with the ability to pass fluids internally and externally of the product, or vice versa.

The system has data logging capabilities for capturing accurate pressure vessel and test product measurements for storing and reporting test results, as well as viewing logs during a test.


  • High Pressures 700 Bar (10,000 psi)
  • Both Manual and Automated Pressure Control Systems
  • Maintain differential internal and external pressures, whilst product under test
  • Multiple ports and penetrations
  • Quick-access closure
  • Support Tooling
  • Support Frame and loading/ unloading carriage
  • Data Logging


  • Custom size, pressure and temperature range available to meet specific requirements Certified and approved
  • Standard components, e.g. pressure gauge, pressure transmitters
  • Quick and easy product sample change out
  • Highly-accurate data acquisition
Advanced High Pressure Testing System