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Since being established in 2004, KW Designed Solutions has worked hard with building and maintaining lasting relationships with world-leading materials technology testing laboratories, oceanographic scientific research facilities and innovative subsea technology manufacturers, all with global reputations. We work closely alongside our partners, understanding their specific requirements. Designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning our advanced high pressure testing systems with automated pressure and temperature control systems along with data acquisition.

From a suite of small bench-top laboratory high pressure, high temperature autoclave vessels to complete turnkey advanced high pressure testing systems, we’re proud of our association and long-standing partnerships with world-class academic institutions and organisations and research facilities across a wide range of sectors.

We strive to retain this status and ensure we are at the forefront of innovation; sourcing highly-skilled motivated employees and continuously investing in technologically advanced design and analysis tools, manufacturing facility and equipment.

Pressure Testing Systems for the Energy Sectors

We design and manufacture highly specialised hyperbaric pressure testing systems to enable OEMs to perform rigorous testing regimes on equipment and technology used for the exploration and recovery of oil and gas in challenging environments.

Pressure Testing Systems for the Energy Sector
Pressure Testing Subsea Technology

High Pressure Testing Systems for Subsea Technology and Component Testing

KW Designed Solutions supply high pressure hyperbaric pressure testing systems directly to OEMs, who develop subsea technologies and products used in marine and ocean engineering for use in extreme, harsh deep water locations.

Pressure Testing Materials Technology

Over many years we have designed, manufactured and supplied advanced high pressure, high temperature autoclave testing platforms for world-leading materials technology testing providers.

High pressure testing systems with mechanical loading capabilities designed, produced and commissioned for testing a range of materials exposed to hydrogen.

Laboratories specialising in the analysis and testing of specific materials, making certain that these materials are safe, quality and compliant, where failure is never an option.

Pressure Testing Materials Technology
Pressure Testing Systems for Universities

High Pressure Testing Systems for Universities

We regularly work alongside world-renowned universities and academic research institutions that conduct experimental research and test regimes, we produce a diverse range of high pressure test platforms with the highest level of accuracy, allowing them to conduct their in-depth studies.

High Pressure Containment Systems for the Nuclear Industry

We design, manufacture and supply advanced high pressure hyperbaric test chambers to customers in the nuclear industry, specialising in the containment and management of toxic waste, hazardous solids and gases.

High Pressure Systems for the Nuclear Industry
Pressure Testing Defence Technology

High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing Systems for the Defence and Security Sector

Working closely with our customers in the defence and security sector which specialise in developing subsea technological innovations that require rigorous design verification, for deployment in challenging environments globally. We provide them with advanced high pressure hyperbaric testing systems with automated programmable pressure and temperature control systems.