Magnetic Agitators & Stirrers are used frequently, in simple thin-walled laboratory vessels and reactors by chemists throughout the globe. We have designed and developed an advanced range of high-pressure agitation & mixing systems; utilising a leak-free magnetic coupling that negates the use of rotary seals.

Our compact design incorporates an inner magnetic stirrer assembly; held within a statically sealed housing. The stirrer is driven by an outer magnetic drive assembly, which is in turn driven by an in-line or belt drive motor. Variable speed control and the use of hi-torque motors ensure we can guarantee the precise level of agitation (or mixing) for fluids with various viscosity levels.

The use of cleverly engineered high-energy grade Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets, ensure that the design is as compact as possible, whilst break-out torque remains extremely high; even at extreme temperatures.

Our magnetic agitation & mixing systems are ideal for test environments (e.g. the agitation of high temperature, high-pressure sour gas H2S in HPHT applications) that use aggressive chemicals at high temperatures; all internal wetted materials are manufactured from exotic stainless steel.

Magnetic agitators and stirrers for high temperature, high-pressure sour gas H2S in HPHT pressure testing applications


  • Designed for Corrosive Environment (Turbid Seawater Sand & Silt, H2S Sour Gas, Methane, Acids)
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance
  • Hermetically Sealed Pressure Housing
  • In-Line or Belt Driven Motors Depending on Space Availability
  • Operating Pressures Up To 1034 Bar At 350°C
  • Speeds Up To 4000 Rpm
  • Top, Bottom or Side Mounting
  • Various Impeller Designs


  • Compact, Integrated Design Ensures Space Saving
  • Provides Efficient Stirring & Mixing
  • Replacing Typical Rotating Shaft & Mechanical Seal Configurations with Our Hermetically Sealed Design Ensures Zero Leakage of Pressure & Test Media
  • Variable Speed & Torque Allows for Use with Aggressive Media with Varying Viscosity

Applications & Customer Uses

Magnetic agitator drives, used within agitation systems, are very popular with customers who work within the subsea, energy and materials research sectors.

For customers who deal with stringent subsea testing demands, these drives are used in agitation systems; creating turbid sand and silt seawater environments, whilst conducting wet-mate electrical connector testing (mate/ de-mate functionality testing).

Agitation systems create and maintain hostile and corrosive testing environments;
performing high temperature Sour Service Testing (H2S) Sour Gas for Material Research.

Project Examples

Project examples to follow