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Hyperbaric Test Systems with Fully Automated Control Systems
KW Designed Solutions work alongside leading companies globally, designing and developing unique solutions to enable them to carry out Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of their in-house manufactured components and innovative technologies and aiding New Product Development (NPD). Simulating extreme deep ocean pressures and temperatures and the harsh operating conditions that subsea products encounter daily.

Reactor Test Vessels with Fully Automated Control Systems
We work closely with leading Laboratories, Universities and Research Facilities worldwide, designing and developing unique testing platforms to enable them to carry out Chemical and Materials Analysis, Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Research, Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Catalysis Studies, Hydrogenation Reactions, Parallel Synthesis and many more special-purpose test systems. 

HPHT Autoclave Test Vessels with Fully Automated Control Systems
KW Designed Solutions offers a completely flexible approach to the autoclave vessel design process; allowing us to incorporate any features required by our customers, designing custom systems to meet our customer’s exact specifications and incorporate all the features and functionality required for example Aggressive Environment Testing Facilities. Often other supplier’s standard equipment may not meet the operating criteria or may need expensive modification.

Sight Glass Window Pressure Vessels with Fully Automated Control Systems
KW Designed Solutions are proud to work closely with world-leading Universities and Research institutions, designing and manufacturing sight glass window pressure vessels. They are especially beneficial as you can easily view the internals of the pressure vessel, enabling this to aid the testing strategy. Glass, sapphire or quartz windows provide superior optical clarity and are also suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. Neatly integrated agitators, create an even temperature distribution or adequate mixing of gases, prior to commencing or whilst during tests.

Some of Our Customers


“TWI has been working with KW Designed solutions for many years to develop unique solutions to enable delivery of our projects. These projects have ranged from High Pressure Hydrogen testing vessels with mechanical loading capabilities to test a range of materials in Hydrogen from sub-zero temperatures up to elevated temperatures through to pressure vessels for environmental exposure testing with sour gases. Recently KW have designed and delivered a suite of complete machines to test in sour gas environments from 0 to 2000 Bar and temperatures up to 300°C these machines incorporated mechanical testing for slow strain rate testing and stirrers for agitating the solutions.”

Eddie Watts,
Laboratory Group Manager. TWI Ltd.

KWik-Lok Closure Hyperbaric Testing System with Fully Automated Control System

Our innovatively designed quick-acting KWik-Lok closure completes this fully automated pressure vessel designed for testing technologically advanced subsea components for deep ocean simulation for our customer, the world’s leading oilfield services provider. 495 bar, 1000mm ID x 3000mm deep with an automated pressure control system, HMI control panel, fill/drain system complete with data logging capabilities, access platform and closure parking frame for easily and safely handling and transferring the test component.

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