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UK Designed and Manufactured Custom High Pressure Testing Systems

KW Designed Solutions are an award winning, market leading company, designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of innovative, high-quality, safe, reliable and cost-effective special purpose high pressure vessels, pressure testing equipment and automated pressure and temperature control systems with data logging, designed to emulate real-world conditions for research and development. Proud to be Subsea UK’s Best Small Business 2020.

Established in 2004, supporting industry and research facilities across many markets, including energy, subsea engineering, materials research, universities, defence, nuclear, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors. We combine a driven, dynamic and highly-skilled team, cutting-edge design, superior manufacturing capabilities and excellent service. All of our hyperbaric pressure testing systems are designed in Lancashire, England and are in use throughout the world.

High Pressure Testing Vessels

Specialised turnkey test systems, high pressure vessels, hyperbaric test chambers, hydrostatic testing vessels, high pressure high temperature autoclaves, reactor vessels and sight glass window vessels with multiple connections, ports and penetrations equipped with robust quick access closures and safety interlock systems.

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High Pressure and Temperature Control Systems

Fully automated fluid management systems, programmable pressure and temperature control systems with essential safety features.

Customer specific test profiles and procedures designed to simulate harsh, aggressive and challenging environmental conditions. Accurate data logging with reporting and remote access capabilities.

Specialist Application Tooling

We integrate specialist tooling into our hyperbaric test systems, tools to manipulate, mate and de-mate or mechanically strain the test component whilst agitating the test media. Creating a realistic testing platform, enables the simulation of in-service operating environments and provides industry standard testing conditions.

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Pressure testing facilities

Pressure Testing Facilities

Many companies require their components and products to be safely, reliably and cost-effectively validated in-house for qualification, type approval and factory acceptance testing or new design verification purposes.

We design, manufacture, install, commission and service fully integrated walk-in test cells to multiple bench-top pressure testing equipment for carrying out critical component testing.

Services and Aftercare

We provide full turnkey project management, technical services and quality assurance. Followed with global Installation, commissioning, basic and advanced on-site operator training. On-site service and maintenance with remote access assistance to the hyperbaric test systems.

We also recertify existing pressure testing equipment and facilities, allowing existing equipment to be brought back into service, meeting all current relevant legislation.

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KW Designed Solutions won the Subsea UK Awards 'Best Small Company' 2020

KW Designed Solutions are proud winners of the prestigious Subsea UK’s Small Business Award 2020. This award highlights the achievements of all the KW team in designing and manufacturing innovative hyperbaric testing systems, supporting innovation and product development globally.

Some of our Customers


“TWI has been working with KW Designed solutions for many years to develop unique solutions to enable delivery of our projects. These projects have ranged from High Pressure Hydrogen testing vessels with mechanical loading capabilities to test a range of materials in Hydrogen from sub-zero temperatures up to elevated temperatures through to pressure vessels for environmental exposure testing with sour gases. Recently KW have designed and delivered a suite of complete machines to test in sour gas environments from 0 to 2000 Bar and temperatures up to 300°C these machines incorporated mechanical testing for slow strain rate testing and stirrers for agitating the solutions.”

Eddie Watts,
Laboratory Group Manager. TWI Ltd.

KWik-Lok closure hyperbaric testing system with fully automated control system

Our innovatively designed quick-acting KWik-Lok closure completes this fully automated pressure vessel designed for testing technologically advanced subsea components for deep ocean simulation for our customer, the world’s leading oilfield services provider. 495 bar, 1000mm ID x 3000mm deep with an automated pressure control system, HMI control panel, fill/drain system complete with data logging capabilities, access platform and closure parking frame for easily and safely handling and transferring the test component.