High Pressure Testing Systems with Actuation

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An essential element of our design process is fully understanding the critical functionality of customer’s products under test and their requirements to follow this; enabling us to exceed current industry standards.

We have developed and engineered numerous high pressure testing vessels with innovative and intelligent actuation systems, incorporated into their design.

Our actuation systems integrate neatly into the pressure vessel design. This provides additional functionality, whilst at pressure and temperature: allowing the user to apply a load, create a mechanical advantage or operate a valve or mechanism within the pressure vessel.

Mechanical forces are generated using simple push-pull pneumatic and hydraulic actuators or via more complex electronic and fully programmable servo drives. These are generally housed externally of the vessel or endcap.

To displace the tooling within the vessel, a pressure balanced stab-rod system is created to penetrate the pressure vessel. This is carefully designed to eradicate any unwanted forces, commonly generated by the hydrostatic pressure within the vessel and ensure the actuation system is not overloaded.

We offer a comprehensive range of previously engineered actuation systems or we can design, develop and manufacture a solution to meet specific requirements.

Pressure testing system with actuation functionality which allows the user to apply a load, create a mechanical advantage or operate a valve or mechanism within the pressure vessel whilst pressure testing a product or component


  • Bespoke application based tooling
  • Generated forces > 50,000 kN
  • Manual, automated, or remote operation
  • Robust low friction bearing and seal arrangements
  • Simple pneumatic/ hydraulic actuators, electric linear drives or programmable servo drives
  • Standard or pressure balanced stab rod system – single or twin rod entry
  • Stroke length capability > 1m
  • Systems rated up to 1000 bar and 300°C


  • Allows for the creation of advanced functionality test platforms that exceed industry standards
  • Manipulate valves, connectors and other types of tooling in a pressurised environment
  • Provides actuation with simple manual single step systems or complex programmable drive systems dependent on requirements
  • Quick and simple to service and maintain
  • Simulate real-life operational functionality whilst under pressure
  • Systems can be retro-fitted to existing pressure testing vessels

Applications and Customer Uses

Provided on pressure testing vessels for customers who manufacture equipment for the subsea industry; conducting wet-mate electrical connector testing (mate/ de-mate actuation of electrical connectors), control and operation of Valves (CIMV) or testing of QCDC couplings.

We have also supplied actuation systems for customers in materials research testing laboratories that require a solution to carry out mechanical (tensile) testing within a high pressure, high temperature environment.