High Pressure Testing Facilities and Walk-in Test Cells

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From bench-top pressure testing apparatus to complete walk-in high pressure testing cells. KW Designed Solutions are leaders in the turnkey supply, installation and commissioning of fully integrated high pressure testing facilities for renowned materials research and technology manufacturers globally.

By integrating other types of ancillary equipment into the supply of our pressure testing systems and pressure vessels and associated control systems, we produce fully operational, bespoke pressure testing facilities and test cells in line with specific project requirements.

Typical types of ancillary equipment include safety enclosures, walkways and gantries, lifting and handling equipment, closure parking frames, tooling, baskets, jigs and fixtures. The combination of all these pieces of equipment allows us to create a safe, practical and efficient working environment for our customers and their test personnel; whilst minimising the shop floor footprint.

KW Pressure Testing Ltd is our purpose-built, in-house environmental and pressure testing facility, offering hyperbaric, hydrostatic, gas testing, submerged gas testing, fugitive emission testing, along with PR2 testing and IBL testing.

Our facility and a team of experienced pressure testing engineers are available to help and ensure equipment is compliant with customer specifications and relevant industry standards, providing qualification, type approval and factory acceptance testing components used in the toughest of environments for the offshore and subsea industries, requiring rigorous testing along with assisting new product development.

All testing is safely conducted within dedicated test cells and our customers receive full technical and engineering support, along with a full test report and documentation pack. Customer witness and third-party inspections welcomed.

For information on all our types of affordable environmental and pressure testing services and support please contact Henry Currie on +44 (0)1257 474507 or email: henry.currie@kwpressuretesting.co.uk or email: sales@kwpressuretesting.co.uk – visit our KW Pressure Testing website.

Pressure Testing Facilities Designed and Manufactured


  • Closure parking frames to assist with safe test area preparation and the attachment of the device under test (DUT)
  • Dedicated hoist and lift systems to aid loading and unloading of test components and pressure vessel closure
  • Ergonomic handling and easy access for test preparation
  • Safety enclosures protects operational personnel from high pressure equipment – shop floor level or below level with access ladders and emergency egress hatches
  • Safety interlock and access alarm conditioning
  • Tooling designed to help secure test components for preparation and the duration of the test procedure


  • Complete turnkey solution with single source supply with full project management
  • Custom designed to suit exacting requirements and specifications
  • Designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned in accordance with latest health and safety standards
  • Improving safety, efficiency and productivity
  • Integral hoist and lifting systems negates the need for using shop floor crane
  • Minimise shop floor footprint whilst maximising testing capabilities

Bespoke Pressure Testing Facilities and Walk-in Test Cells - Project Examples

Pressure Testing Facility for Testing Subsea Controls and Communications Connectors

KW Designed Solutions has designed, manufactured and installed a quick-acting actuated chock closure hyperbaric pressure testing system with an automated pressure control system for a manufacturer of advanced technologies for subsea distribution and controls connectivity.

Pressure Testing Facility
High Pressure Hyperbaric Pressure Testing System

Hyperbaric Pressure Testing Facility for Testing Subsea Equipment Used in High Pressure Applications

KW Designed Solutions designed, manufactured and installed this hyperbaric pressure testing system within its own purpose-built testing facility.

This quick-acting breech-lock closure hyperbaric pressure test chamber with its automated pressure control system was designed for a worldwide designer, manufacturer and integrator of underwater high-technology components and systems for defence, energy, subsea engineering, survey and underwater vehicles.