We design, manufacture and supply advanced testing platforms to customers in the materials science sector, who specialise in the analysis and testing of materials, for use in extreme environments.

We provide advanced pressure vessels, reactors, HPHT autoclaves and complete pressure control systems; designed and manufactured to each unique project requirement.

Our equipment enables customers to carry out R&D, Qualification and Production Testing (FAT) on materials, to ensure they are safe for their intended conditions and maintain their intended lifecycle.

HPHT autoclave with pressure and temperature control system used in an aggressive environment testing facility

Customer Testing Types:

  • Accelerated Ageing Testing
  • Aggressive Environment Testing (SSC, SSRT, CSSRT)
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Environmental Testing of Polymers & Non-Metallic Materials
  • Failure Analysis & Characterisation
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing (HIC, SOHIC)
  • Slow Strain Rate Mechanical Testing
  • Stress Corrosion Testing (SCC)
  • Surface Engineering & Advanced Coatings
  • Welding Metallurgy & Weldability

Customer Benefits:

  • Accurate Test Results & Data Logging
  • Improved Logistics – Reduced Outsourcing Costs
  • In-House Testing Facilities, Constructed to Unique Project Requirements, Provides Enhanced Functionality
  • Instant Use When Needed
  • Optimised Testing Schedules
  • Simulation of Aggressive & Corrosive Environments

Please follow the link to see examples of our HPHT autoclaves with integrated pressure control systems, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned at TWI’s Aggressive Environment Testing Facility.