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Pressure Vessels

Special purpose pressure vessels, hyperbaric test chambers, hydrostatic testing vessels, high pressure high temperature autoclaves, reactor vessels and sight glass window vessels designed and manufactured with customer specific sizes, pressures and temperatures, connections, ports and penetrations equipped with robust quick access closures and safety interlock systems. Compliance to all relevant pressure vessel design codes, international standards and directives.

KWDS - Products - Pressure Vessels
KWDS - Products - Pressure Vessel Closures

Pressure Vessel Closures

We have many types of robust closure styles which are aligned to the size and pressures the hyperbaric chambers with be operating at. Our innovatively engineered quick-acting KWik-Lok Closure uses electrically actuated integrated tilting chocks to lock the closure plug in position. Through to the Manual Chock Closure where the plug is retained by a set of ergonomically designed, segmented chocks. All closures can be quickly locked and unlocked easily and safely by the operator.

Specialist Application Tooling

KW Designed Solutions has the ability to integrate specialist tooling into our hyperbaric test systems capable of manipulating, mating and de-mating or mechanically straining the test component whilst agitating the test media, at high pressures and extreme temperatures. Realistic test platforms, simulating the harsh in-service operating environments providing industry standard testing conditions, such as API standards.

Pressure Vessel Agitation
Manual pressure control systems, allows the operators to control pressure testing functions by hand, associated with lower risk testing applications

Pressure Control Systems

The accurate, safe and critical hydrostatic and hyperbaric pressure testing of in-house manufactured products, requires a pressure control system to be integrated within the pressure vessel or piece of equipment to be tested.
Our expert team are highly-skilled in creating technologically advanced and innovative pressure testing solutions. We custom design compact and modular pressure control systems; simplifying or automating stringent, repetitive processes.

Automation and Control Systems

We design and manufacture our PLC driven automated pressure control systems that are easily configurable to provide different functionality dependant on the end users requirements. With standard filling, purging, pressurising, depressurising and draining the hyperbaric test chambers to cyclic pressure loops, linear ramp rates, pressure maintain mode, pressure control at set point, data logging and reporting, remote alarm monitoring and remote access. Safety devices such as pressure indicators, over pressure relief devices and auto shut-off mechanisms are incorporated into our systems.

KWDS - Products - Automation and Control Systems
Fully integrated pressure testing facilities, from bench-top apparatus to complete walk-in test cells

Pressure Testing Facilities

KW Designed Solutions design, manufacture, install, commission and service fully integrated walk-in test cells to multiple bench-top pressure testing platforms for world-leading research facilities and OEMs in many sectors for carrying out critical component testing. Companies that require their components and products to be safely, reliably and cost-effectively validated in-house for qualification, type approval, factory acceptance testing or new design verification purposes.

Self-Contained Test Systems

We work alongside global companies designing and manufacturing bespoke self-contained pressure testing systems, where all the elements are integrated within a custom designed skid, platform or bench top rig. Several self-contained test systems can also be combined to create a multi-user test environment. Combining all types of pressure equipment and additional supporting equipment into a multitude of configurations.

KWDS - Products - Self Contained System - Right-Hand Image
Pressure testing system can be used with any test medium including liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and test media containing hydrocarbons

Unique Applications

KW Designed Solutions experienced engineers work closely with world-leading universities and research institutions with specific technically complex and challenging requirements. We approach each project with the same meticulous attention to detail, ensuring we provide the most suitable, innovative and cost-effective testing platform for each clients’ individual needs.

Additional Equipment

Alongside manufacturing automated hyperbaric test systems, KW Designed Solutions design bespoke tooling from assisting with operational functions to safely securing the customers test products (DUT); creating a safe working environment. Specific projects requires a differing set of testing requirements; our expert and highly-skilled team can design and manufacture specific equipment to suit your needs.

Ancillary equipment such as Closure Parking Frames, Baskets for Cables & Harnesses, Support Tooling for Test Product DUT or EUT to complement the range of pressure vessels and pressure control systems