KW Designed Solutions continuously work closely with world-leading companies whose engineers develop technically advanced, ground-breaking subsea technology and equipment that in turn supports the offshore energy, ocean science, maritime security, leisure and defence industries globally.

Our hyperbaric testing systems are trusted with helping to precisely test and develop advanced underwater vehicle and subsea robotic technologies used in deep water locations around the world.

Hyperbaric testing systems that accurately test subsea communications and positioning solutions that navigate, track, measure and observe the oceans, designed for subsea deployments, going deeper and for longer, harvesting more detailed data.

We supply market-leading subsea buoyancy and protection manufacturers with fully automated hyperbaric testing systems designed for testing and developing buoyancy material technologies such as syntactic foam and macrospheres which provide uplift and maintain location in challenging subsea situations for marine, ROV and oceanographic industries.

Oil and gas subsea production systems

Customer Products and Equipment Types:

  • Electrical Feedthrough/ Penetrators
  • Pressure Sensors and Hose Assemblies
  • ROV Components and Assemblies
  • Sonar Equipment
  • Subsea Electrical Wet Mate Connectors and Hose Assemblies

Customer Application Test Types:

  • Agitation (Turbid Sand and Silt Testing Media)
  • API 6A Appendix F PR2 Qualification
  • Hyperbaric Pressure Testing
  • Live Electrical Testing
  • Mate/ de-mate of Wet Mate Connectors
  • Temperature Control Systems (Sub-Zero Cooling/ Elevated Temperatures)

Customer Benefits:

  • Accurate Test Results and Data Logging
  • Improved Logistics – Reduced Outsourcing Costs
  • In-House Testing Facilities, Constructed to Unique Project Requirements, Provides Enhanced Functionality
  • Optimised Testing Schedules
  • Remote Operation with Custom HMI Screens
  • Simulation of Real-Life Subsea Environments


We design and manufacture highly specialised hyperbaric pressure testing systems to enable OEMs to perform rigorous testing regimes on equipment and technology used for the exploration and recovery of oil and gas in challenging environments.

Exploration and production of oil and gas
Oil and gas subsea production systems


KW supply hyperbaric pressure testing systems directly to OEMs, who develop subsea technologies and products used in marine and ocean engineering for use in extreme, harsh deep water locations.

Materials Science

Over many years we have designed, manufactured and supplied advanced HPHT autoclave testing platforms to world-leading materials testing providers, that specialise in the analysis and testing of specific materials, making certain that these materials are safe, quality and compliant, where failure is never an option.

HPHT autoclave with pressure and temperature control system used in an aggressive environment testing facility
Pressure vessel test system used in universities and academic Institutions conducting experimental research to accurately simulate extreme and aggressive environments


We regularly work alongside world-renowned universities and academic research institutions that conduct experimental research and test regimes, we produce a diverse range of test platforms with the highest level of accuracy, allowing them to conduct their in-depth studies.


We design, manufacture and supply advanced hyperbaric test chambers to customers in the nuclear industry, specialising in the containment and management of toxic waste, hazardous solids and gases.

Pressure vessel used in the nuclear industry, who specialise in the containment and management of toxic waste, hazardous solids and gases


Working closely with our customers in the defence and security sector which specialise in developing technological innovations that require rigorous design verification, for deployment in challenging environments globally. We provide them with advanced hyperbaric testing systems with automated pressure and temperature control systems.