KW Designed Solutions engineers have worked closely with the chemical engineering department at one of the world’s leading universities in London and designed and manufactured a gas permeation test cell designed for testing a polymers resistance to passing gas mixtures through it whilst under high pressure (1380 bar) and high temperature (250°C) test conditions which were housed in an environmental chamber.

Our engineers have also designed and manufactured a similar gas permeation cell for one of the oldest standardising laboratories in the world, a metrology institute that provides the measurement expertise that underpins economic growth and quality of life, reliable measurement required for technological advances to succeed.

This particular design was manufactured to accurately quantify gas, in particular, hydrogen permeation rates through polymers and polymer composites. Customer-specific design considerations include materials selection suited for high pressures and high temperatures, internal tooling to support the specimen, sealing solutions and multiple ports and penetrations for accurate data logging and test reporting purposes.


  • High pressures 1380 bar
  • High temperatures 250°C
  • Materials of construction: stainless steels, carbon and alloy steels
  • Multiple ports and penetrations
  • Quick-access closure


  • Custom sized, pressure and temperature range available to meet specific requirements certified and approved
  • Standard components, e.g. pressure gauges, pressure transmitters
  • Quick and easy product sample change out
  • Highly-accurate data acquisition
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