We supply highly specialised products directly to OEMs, who require equipment for the exploration and extraction of petroleum, for use in extreme deep water locations.

We provide advanced pressure testing equipment, hyperbaric chambers/ pressure vessels and complete pressure control systems; designed and manufactured to each unique project requirement.

Our equipment enables customers to carry out R&D, Qualification and Production Testing (FAT) on products that they have manufactured and ensure they are suitable for use in such consistently arduous conditions.

Exploration and production of oil and gas

Customer Products & Equipment Types:

  • Buoyancy Products
  • Drilling Tools
  • Hazardous Area Communication
  • Pressure Sensors & Hose Assemblies
  • Rock Core Analysis
  • SEMs (Subsea Electrical Modules)
  • Subsea Electrical Wet Mate Connectors & Hose Assemblies
  • Valves (CIMVs, Ball Valves & Gate Valves)
  • Well Intervention Tooling

Customer Application Test Types:

  • Agitation (Turbid Sand & Silt Testing Media)
  • API 6A Appendix F PR2 Qualification
  • Automated Hassler Cell (Core Analysis)
  • Hyperbaric Pressure Testing
  • Instrument Buoyancy Loss (IBL) Testing
  • Live Electrical Testing
  • Mate/ de-mate of Wet Mate Connectors
  • Temperature Control Systems (Sub-Zero Cooling/ Elevated Temperatures)

Customer Benefits:

  • Accurate Test Results & Data Logging
  • Improved Logistics – Reduced Outsourcing Costs
  • In-House Testing Facilities, Constructed to Your Unique Project Requirements, Provides Enhanced Functionality
  • Optimised Testing Schedules
  • Remote Operation with Custom HMI Screens
  • Simulation of Real-Life Subsea Environments