HPHT autoclave for corrosion and cracking tests of metallic and polymer specimens

(Ref: SO604, Equip No. 2151)

This HPHT autoclave has removable upper and lower closures, both of which are clamped into a pressure vessel body, using a 2-segment clamping method.

High Pressure, High Temperature Autoclave (HPHT) and Pressure Booster System (PBS) for conducting corrosion and cracking tests of metallic and polymer specimens.

Tests use corrosive, gaseous and liquid media typical in energy and downstream systems. These include aqueous chloride brines, organic acids, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrocarbons.

Pressure1700 bar (24,656 psi)
Temperature0°C to +325°C
Bore sizeØ150mm to 400mm depth
Volume7 litre
PortsMulti feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionCarbon Steel Alloy
Corrosion protectionElectroless Nickel Plating

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