Pressure vessel used for subsea research and development

(Ref: SO477, Equip No. 2097)

This special-purpose pressure vessel allows in-house testing to be conducted for a joint industry project (JIP) developing deepwater subsea power and control technologies for the development of next-generation subsea power systems. Testing involves subjecting various types and sizes of test components to simulated subsea environmental conditions of high pressure with varying temperature.

This pressure vessel is closed at both ends, with threaded closures. The closures are lowered into the end of the vessel body and the lock ring is then manually screwed into the closed position. The force generated by the lock ring forces the o ring into the bore of the vessel body, creating a seal.

The pressure vessel is secured within a support frame, which has the facility to tilt through 180°.

Pressure440 bar (6,380 psi)
Temperature0°C to +200°C
Bore sizeØ192mm to 300mm depth
Volume10 litre
PortsMulti feedthroughs/tooling, 2 fill/drain
Material of constructionHastelloy C276
Corrosion protectionN/A