Self Contained Pressure Testing Systems

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Self-contained pressure test systems are perfect for smaller pieces of equipment, that don’t require their own test bay or safety enclosure.

KW Designed Solutions supply self-contained pressure test systems, where all elements are integrated within a custom designed skid, platform or bench top rig. Several self-contained test systems can also be combined to create a multi-user test environment.

The systems are designed with easy access connection points for services such as electrics, pneumatic air and mains water supply. In some projects the test media is stored within locally positioned holding tanks, to negate the need for mains water.

We combine all types of pressure equipment into a multitude of configurations, to create a bespoke, fully operational testing facility; providing customers with a complete turnkey solution.

Self contained pressure and temperature testing skids


  • Dedicated Lifting Systems to Aid Loading & Unloading of Test Components
  • Detailed Mimic Panels
  • Easily Accessible Connection Points for Services
  • Ergonomic Handling & Easy Access for Test Preparation
  • Low & High Pressure Capability <60 Psi
  • Manual or Automated Control
  • Safety Interlock & Access Alarm Conditioning for Operator Safety
  • Tooling Designed to Help Secure Test Component for Preparation & Testing Duration


  • Compact Designs That Are Reliable, Robust & Easy to Maintain
  • Designed & Configured to Customer’s Unique Specifications
  • Full Turnkey Package Meaning Single Source Supply
  • Operators & Personnel Protected from High Pressure Equipment
  • Systems Can Easily Be Moved or Relocated

Project Examples

Project examples to follow