Medium Pressure, Medium Temperature Long-Term Corrosion Autoclaves

(Ref: SO476, Equip No. 2092)

A suite of six autoclave testing systems designed for long-term testing customer-specific test regimes on components whilst using non-hazardous gas/ seawater as the test media.

From the control system, the pressure and temperature control systems work independently of each other. The threaded closure autoclave is enclosed within its own support frame, with a clear guard that can be raised and lowered for additional operator protection during testing.

The closure is attached through a series of pulleys to a counter balancing weight located in the davit arm, this allows the closure to be raised and lowered with a minimum amount of force, holding its position once the force is removed. In the open position, the closure locates in a ring at the side of the autoclave body for the operator to safely load and unload the components for testing.

Pressure380 bar (5,510 psi)
Temperature20°C to +200°C
Bore sizeØ192mm to 300mm depth
Volume10 litre
PortsMultiple ports and penetrations
Material of constructionHastelloy C276
Test MediaNon hazardous gas/ Seawater

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