Long-Term Corrosion Testing with H2S Media at High Pressures and Temperatures - HPHT

(Ref: SO913, Equip No. 2090)

A series of self-contained HPHT autoclaves designed for carrying out long term corrosion testing on customer-specific test coupons at high pressure and high temperature whilst using H2S gas as the test media.

The autoclave is integrated and enclosed within a support frame module. A clear guard with the ability to be raised and lowered ensures additional operator protection during testing.

The autoclave cover is fixed to the top table of the frame and the design allows the autoclave body to be automatically lowered down and retracted away from the support frame whilst in the lowered position for the operator to be able to safely load and unload the test components.

Pressure300 bar (4,350 psi)
Temperature20°C to +350°C
Bore sizeØ170mm to 440mm depth
Volume10 litre
Material of constructionHastelloy C276
Ports and PenetrationsMultiple
Test MediaHydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

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