High Pressure Testing System with Tilt Control for Subsea Electrical Connector Testing

(Ref: SO298)

This high pressure testing system has a 180° tilt action allowing the pressure vessels main closure to rotate upwards 90° or rotate downwards in the opposite direction, 90°.

Electrical and fibre-optic connectors are subjected to simulated, agitated seawater whilst the electrical connectors are subjected to specific pressures and temperatures.

The high pressure testing system comprises of the pressure testing chamber, which houses the mate/ de-mate actuation and media agitation systems.

The fluid control module performs the functions of filling, pressurisation, depressurisation and venting the test media, along with draining the pressure vessel. This module is split into two isolated systems, which separates the clean and dirty test media.

The subsea connector pressure testing system is operated from an HMI/ PLC control panel.

Pressure517 bar (7,500 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +60°C
Bore sizeØ300mm to 1200mm depth
Volume80 litre
Ports and PenetrationsMultiple
Material of constructionStainless Steel
Test MediaWater, Sand and Silt

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