6 Meter Pressure Testing System with Integrated Mate/ De-mate Actuation

(Ref: SO575)

Along with the two 3 meter length, high pressure testing systems, this 6 meter version was designed and created to interface with the next generation of subsea electrical connectors and put them through the worst conceivable environmental and seafloor conditions they might need to survive and operate in at high voltage. Testing varies from high voltage through the latest subsea connectors to exposing them to sudden temperature drops or increases.

Qualification is conducted according to stringent (Statoil Spec) Subsea Electrical High Voltage Connector Assemblies standards.

Pressure550 bar (7,977 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +200°C
Bore sizeØ617mm to 3000mm depth
Volume900 litre
Material of constructionStainless Steel
Test MediaWater/ Seawater, Sand and Silt