Autoclaves for high pressure, high temperature corrosion testing

(Ref: SO476, Equip No. 2092)

The Autoclaves are used for carrying out long term corrosion testing on clients test samples. Test conditions are generally high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) testing whilst using various media.

The closure is attached to a wire rope, that is attached through a series of pulleys, to a counterbalancing weight located in the davit arm. This allows the closure to be raised and lowered with a minimum amount of force, holding its position once the force is removed.

In the open position, the closure is located in a ring at the side of the pressure vessel. The davit arm slides allowing the closure to be transferred to a position over the vessel. The closure utilises a continually threaded locking ring to fully-close and lock the vessel.

Pressure440 bar (6,380 psi)
Temperature0°C to +200°C
Bore sizeØ192mm to 300mm depth
Volume10 litre
PortsMulti feedthroughs/tooling, 2 fill/drain
Material of constructionHastelloy C276
Corrosion protectionN/A