Large volume HPHT Autoclave with Pressure Booster and Test Media Agitation System

(Ref: SO605 LVA)

Large volume autoclave (LVA) high pressure, high temperature testing, including a pressure booster system using corrosive, gaseous and liquid media typical in oil and gas production and downstream systems. Concentrated aqueous chloride brines, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, organic acids, and hydrocarbons including methane.

The autoclave is positioned within an ergonomic framework. The autoclave system has removable upper and lower plugs, both of which are clamped into the autoclave body using a 2-segment clamping method. The autoclave vessel closure plugs and the clamps are attached to hydraulically actuated slide ways that allow movement in 3-axis. The fluid stirring or agitation assembly comprises of a glandless magnetically coupled drive, with all wetted components manufactured from hastelloy.

The agitation, temperature and test media contained within the pressure vessel are controlled via an HMI control panel, whilst the pressure is controlled by the pressure booster system. Pre-mixed hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in specific quantities are pressurised in the autoclave using a multi-stage pump arrangement. The pressure booster system and all the associated valves are controlled via an HMI control panel.

Testing is safely carried out remotely via an HMI control panel housed outside of the test environment.

Pressure260 bar (3,771 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +325°C
Bore sizeØ360mm to 440mm depth
Volume45 litre
Ports and PenetrationsMultiple
Material of constructionCarbon Steel Alloy/ Hastelloy
Test MediaCorrosive liquid and gas mixture