High pressure testing subsea flexible riser distributed buoyancy modules

(Ref: SO541, Equip No. 2143)

This pressure vessel was developed to carry out qualification and FAT of subsea flexible riser buoyancy modules.

When the plug has been lowered into position within the pressure chamber, each manual chock is placed by hand sequentially from 1 (red handle), 2-16 (uncoloured handle) finishing at 18 (red handle). The final ‘locking chock’ is then inserted, which is easily identifiable as it is smaller than the other chocks.

Pressure600 bar (8,702 psi)
Temperature0°C to +100°C
Bore sizeØ500mm to 2500mm long
Volume490 litre
Ports4 feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionAISI 4140 Alloy Steel
Corrosion protectionElectroless Nickel Plating