High pressure testing directional guided drilling tools for wellbore manufacture

(Ref: SO260, Equip No. 2022)

This pressure vessel was developed to carry out qualification, FAT or production testing of guided drilling tooling and equipment. The design enables elevated temperature testing to be conducted; allowing quick access to the device under test, within the pressure vessel, within minutes. It also permits safe handling of the equipment, that is in close vicinity to the pressure vessel body, immediately on completion of testing (<50°C).

The implemented cost-effective temperature control system incorporates heating cartridges, which are located in the lower closure. Within the bore we used materials with relatively high thermal conductivity, to ensure relatively low power is required to heat the vessel media. The pressure vessel body is insulated from the heat and remains under 50°C; whilst the testing environment is hot, the vessel steelwork will remain cool.

This breech lock closure pressure vessel has proven to be a perfect solution for our customer’s project requirements.

Pressure1483 Bar (21,500 psi)
Temperature-20°C to +300°C
Bore sizeØ400mm to 1800mm depth
Volume225 litre
Ports3 feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionAISI SA723 Alloy Steel
Corrosion protectionArmourcote 4141