High pressure testing subsea electrical connectors statically or dynamically

(Ref: SO983)

This 10 litre, 517 bar (7,500 psi) hyperbaric pressure test chamber utilises our popular quick-access bayonet lock closure and has multiple customer-specific connections, ports and penetrations, along with internal tooling for component testing and accompanying connector change-out support frame.

This high pressure testing system is designed to pressure test a range of subsea connectors statically or dynamically. The subsea connectors are able to mate and de-mate whilst electrical testing at various specific high pressures at ambient temperature.

The mate and the de-mate system is mainly incorporated into closure design. The closure is mounted on a robust slideway system incorporating track rollers and solid rails. The mate and the de-mate system has two actuation bars that penetrate through the sealing points of the closure plug and pressure vessel base.

Our experienced engineers installed and commissioned the system and delivered operator training with essential pressure system safety procedures, practical activities and demonstrations.

Pressure517 bar (7,500 psi)
Bore sizeØ180mm to 400mm depth
Volume10 litre
Ports and PenetrationsMultiple
Material of constructionStainless Steel
Test MediaWater