Factory acceptance testing optical fiber wet mate subsea connectors

(Ref: SO823, Equip No. A1082-10-1)

A quick-acting bayonet lock closure at the operational end. This horizontally orientated special-purpose pressure vessel, provides severe subsea environmental conditions, for pressure testing electrical connectors to the offshore industry; providing vital power and communications to a variety of subsea equipment.

The sliding closure assembly houses the mate/ de-mate tooling, actuator and is supported along with a carriage assembly that extends enough for the mate/ de-mate tooling to be removed fully from the pressure vessel.

Prior to testing, the client’s electrical connectors are assembled with the mate/ de-mate tooling and interface adaptor. This assembly is then carefully inserted into the pressure vessel using minimal effort. Once the vessel closure is in the locked position, the pressure vessel is now ready to carry out the mate/ de-mate hydrostatic cyclic pressure testing.

Pressure569 bar (8,252 psi)
Bore sizeØ180mm to 1000mm long
Volume25.5 litre
Ports2 feedthroughs/tooling, 1 fill/drain
Material of constructionASTM SA-564 Grade 630
Corrosion protectionElectroless Nickel Plating