High pressure testing subsea sonar equipment

(Ref: SO610, Equip No. 2072)

A pressure vessel used to validate the integrity of subsea equipment, instruments and systems which operate in ultra-deepwater environments.

The quick-acting actuated chock closure, with guided alignment, makes the insertion and removal of the closure plug safe, robust yet simple.

The hydraulic closure locking system is operated via a control panel and a push-button switch can lock or unlock the closure. There is a safety interlock system to detect if the closure is locked or unlocked; in the unlocked position, the attached pressure control system is disengaged to prevent pressurisation.

The pressure vessel has a large enough bore diameter to allow for multiple test components to be tested at the same time. The pressure vessel is filled with potable water mixed with a corrosion inhibitor.

A basket is used with the pressure vessel to attach to the underside of the closure plug. The test components are typically located within the basket and feed through connections made to the underside (internal pressure face) of the cover; allowing the test components to be loaded safely and carefully into the pressure vessel simultaneously with its closure.

Multiple penetrations to the closure allow for connections types or we can blank these off if not required.

Pressure630 bar (9,137 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Bore sizeØ760mm to 2000mm long
Volume910 litre
Ports6 feedthroughs/tooling, 2 fill/drain
Material of constructionAISI 4130 Alloy Steel
Corrosion protectionElectroless Nickel Plating