High Pressure Testing Facility for Qualifying Subsea Controls and Communications Connectors

(Ref: SO853) 

The pressure testing facility contained the actuated chock closure pressure vessel designed to provide the operator with a safe, quick opening and closing functionality. A purpose built closure parking frame and stainless steel basket provides a safe and easy means of transferring the test components into the vessel body.

The pressure control system or fluid control module designed is integrated and enclosed within a support frame, automates the repetitive processes of filling, purging, draining pressurising and de-pressurising.

The PLC driven automated pressure control system specifically developed by our internal controls department accurately controls the variable and automated pressures and temperatures to a precise level, ensures the safe operation of the components whilst under test, in addition to data logging and test reporting capabilities. The HMI Control Panel is situated externally of the test cell for operational safety.

KW Pressure Testing is our own purpose-built environmental and pressure testing facility. Please contact sales@kwpressuretesting.co.uk for details and availability

Pressure630 bar (9137 psi)
Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Bore sizeØ760mm to 1440mm depth
Volume635 litre
Material of constructionAlloy Steel
Ports and PenetrationsMultiple
Test MediaWater/Glycol Mixture