Hyperbaric Pressure Testing Facility for Testing Subsea Equipment Used in High Pressure Applications

(Ref: SO549)

The high pressure hyperbaric test chamber breech-lock closure has customer-specific electrical feed-through penetrations.  These are designed to be able to test the electromechanical components whilst under test.

The operator pressure control HMI panel is safely sited externally, located on the outside of the testing facility. The HMI interfaces with the pre-programmed PLC that controls the sequence of operations and allows for the writing, editing, saving, loading and execution of specific test profiles, which includes specific pressurisation and depressurisation at controlled ramp rates, also pressurised dwell periods. The system includes data logging for rigorous test regime reporting.

The automated pressure control system operates the functions of the fluid control module which is located below ground within the test facility. The fluid control module accurately fills, purges and then after testing the device under test, partially drains the pressure testing vessel all at specific fluid flow rates.

The operator safely lowers the closure down the guide rods into the pressure vessel and then engages the pressure vessel and closure threads by easily rotating the lock ring hand handle by 1/16th of a turn.

A closure parking frame provides a safe and easy means of storing the closure once the test is completed.

KW Pressure Testing is our own purpose-built environmental and pressure testing facility. Please contact sales@kwpressuretesting.co.uk for details and availability

Pressure690 bar (10,000 psi)
Temperature0°C to +50°C
Bore sizeØ500mm to 1500mm depth
Volume300 litre
Material of constructionAlloy Steel
Test MediaWater

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