High Pressure Gas Control System

(Ref: SO877)

This high pressure gas control system is housed in a fully enclosed portable skid and has a working pressure of 1670 bar (24,500 psi). The system is equipped with multiple ports to be able to interface with the customer’s products and component parts.

The HMI interfaces with the pre-programmed PLC that controls the sequence of operations and allows for the writing, editing, saving, loading and execution of customer-specific test profiles, which includes specific pressurisation and depressurisation at controlled ramp rates, also pressurised dwell periods. A cycle is a test profile that has been carried out from start to finish.

The system includes data logging for rigorous test regime reporting.

Pressure1670 bar (24,500 psi)
System IncludesProfile writing
Test monitoring
Cyclic pressure loops
Data logging
Alarm conditioning
Gas - test media

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