Automation and Control Systems for High Pressure Testing Applications

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All of our pressure testing systems have built-in intelligent control systems designed and implemented by our fully qualified and experienced Controls Engineers; enabling functions and environmental conditions to be accurately and efficiently automated, controlled and recorded.

The HMI screens are managed with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and pre-programmed with the latest software. This ensures the operating process is simple and self-managing; providing vast levels of flexibility to all required automation procedures. Access is available via HMI, PC or mobile device.

Data logging modules can be integrated to accurately record any information measured or controlled by the system.

Control modules can be separated for independent control or combined into one complete system, providing a single point access operating platform.

Manual Control Mode

Our systems are designed to give the user the ability to manually control the following functions, for example:

• Fill and Drain Control
• Pressure Control
• Temperature Control (if applicable)
• Agitation (if applicable)
• Mate/ De-mate (if applicable)

This feature provides the ability to carry out a one-off test without the need to create test profiles. This control mode still allows for specific ramp rates to be defined for the one-off test.

Automatic Control Mode

Our automatic control mode has been designed to perform a pre-defined test profile automatically, all enabled features and modules can be integrated into a test profile. Our system can store a multitude of test profiles, each profile can contain multiple stages, and furthermore, our cyclic loop function allows looping between stages. This control mode also allows for the input of the device under test data i.e., serial number, this information incorporated into the data log files that are stored for each test that is executed within the automatic control mode environment. Our data logs are split into three individual CSV files as follows:

• Raw Data – Datalog of pressure, time, temperature etc.
• Header Data – Information relating to the specific device under test.
• Calibration Data – Calibration data for each instrument used in the data log

User Access Control

Our user access control feature allows multiple users to have their own unique pin code to log in and activate the system. This system allows the user access to be controlled by job title or level.

Operator – The operator can carry out tests in the manual control mode and input test set points, only values that fall within the system limits can be entered. An operator can also execute pre-defined profiles but cannot create new profiles or edit existing ones stored within the system.

Supervisor – The supervisor can do all activities that an operator can execute, however, a supervisor can create and edit profiles.

Administrator – The administrator can do all activities that a supervisor can execute, however, an administrator can access all areas of the system.

It is also vitally important to ensure the highest standards of safety, by ensuring alarm conditioning and safety interlock systems are in place.

In addition to the above, our control systems have many more features, a demonstration of our control system can be arranged upon request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Hill on +44 (0)7936 915529, or email or

Typical Applications:

  • Agitation
  • Closure Operation – Open/ Close, Lock/ Unlock
  • Internal Tooling
  • Mate/ De-mate
  • Pressure Control Profiles
  • Safety Interlock Systems
  • Temperature Control Profiles
  • Pressure Vessel Tilt
Automation and Control Software for Pressure Tesing Applications
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