High Pressure Testing System with integrated Agitation for Particle Deposition Studies

(Ref: SO833, Equip No. 2188)

This high pressure and high temperature testing system has been designed for customer specific purposes, consisting of a high pressure testing vessel with an agitator mechanism, support stand and agitator/ temperature control system. The pressure testing system is used for asphaltene deposition studies. Under controlled thermodynamic parameters, the dynamic of an oil well flow at the production stage is simulated to create particle deposition for analysis.

This special purpose high pressure testing system is used in a test facility in Algeria, North Africa.

Pressure700 bar (10,152 psi)
Temperature0°C to +150°C
Bore sizeØ100mm to 70mm depth
Volume.55 litre
Ports5 in various positions
Material of construction316 Stainless Steel
Test MediaOil/ Gas/ Water

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