Gas Testing

Gas Testing Capabilities

• Automated Pressure Control: 10,000 PSI
• Manual Pressure Control: 22,500 PSI
• Leak Test Mode
• Depressurisation: (Venting)
• Cyclic Pressure Loops
• Profile Writing
• Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
• Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition
• Engineering System and Tolerance Set Up
• Alarm Conditions and Diagnostic Review

The parameters below may vary dependent on test component volume.

Maximum Operating: 1,550 Bar (22,500 PSI)
Pressurisation Control Rates: linear between 1 and 30 Bar/ min
Pressurisation Ramp Tolerance: to be maintained within +/- 10% (of full scale)
Depressurisation Control Rates: Linear between 1 and 50 Bar/ min
Depressurisation Ramp Tolerance: To be maintained within +/- 10% (full scale)
Dwell Period: 1 minute to 3 months
Dwell Period Pressure Stability: 0 (zero) Bar to +5 bar

Data Logging

• Input of Batch Set-Up Information
• Data Measurements
• Trend Data
• Capture Data
• Store Data
• Print Reports

Pressure Testing Applications

Effectively simulating subsea conditions to ensure the integrity and reliability of seals, connectors, heat exchangers, subsea technology and components, for FAT or R&D development.

Gas Testing