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We provide and manage all steps and safety requirements required for the installation, commissioning and training of our equipment.

Our team of specialist engineers will be responsible for the manufacture and installation of every piece of pressure testing equipment that leaves our premises.

Following the completion of a successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) by both parties; we strip down the equipment dependent upon the operational requirements, ship to the customer’s site and re-assemble and/ or install in-situ.

We employ specialist sub-contractors for the positioning and siting of heavier equipment.

Upon successful installation, the equipment is re-tested, commissioned and a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is carried out. This ensures complete satisfaction with the operation of the equipment, before the project is signed off by the customer.

Training on the correct operation of the equipment, safety features and general advice are conducted and documented with a certificate of competence for each trainee user. Both hard and electronic copies of all operation and maintenance documentation are provided.

automated control system for pressure testing subsea components

Factory Acceptance Test FAT & Site Acceptance Test SAT

All the elements that complete the full scope of supply; pressure vessels, pressure control systems and all other ancillary equipment are inspected and / or tested within a KW Designed Solutions FAT:

  • Certification
  • Documentation
  • Failure Generation
  • Identification
  • Manual Operation
  • Miscellaneous Testing
  • Power Up
  • Safety Circuit Testing
  • System I&O & System Configuration
  • System Preparation
  • Test Cycle Creation
  • Test Cycle Operation
  • Test Vessel Preparation


We work closely with a small number of trusted logistics companies; ensuring equipment is delivered safely to the customer’s site without fear of damage during transit.

With careful planning and the implementation of efficient packaging, we also ensure the most cost effective method of transportation is used.


Our team of specialist engineers possess the skills, experience, qualifications and equipment to ensure the offloading and final positioning of the systems we provide is conducted safely and efficiently; minimising disruption.

Prior to Installation, our appointed person will ensure adequate lifting equipment is available or ensure we provide it.

Training & Certification

The operation, functionality and safety features of the equipment are all included as part of a 1 day training session; delivered by the KW Designed Solutions team. Upon completion of the training, each trainee is issued with a certificate of competence to satisfy quality management systems.

Service and Maintenance

The safe operation, service and maintenance of any piece of pressure equipment, pressure vessel or pressure control system is essential to the efficient running of any organisation. It also ensures compliance to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR:2000) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992.

KW Designed Solutions offer various service agreements & preventative maintenance packages. This is not only available for new or used pieces of KW Designed Solutions pressure equipment but that of other manufacturers.

We also provide a 24hr emergency callout response and spare parts package, to ensure minimal downtime in the event of a breakdown or system leakage.