Our skilled engineers designed and produced a clean high-pressure testing environment, whilst using aggressive and dirty test media delivering accurate and reliable test results

By implementing a chemical/ diaphragm seal into the pressure control system, we ensure that equipment used for monitoring and controlling pressure (including pressure gauges, transmitters and switches) delivers a reliable test, as the operating fluid is clean.

There are many different types of chemical seals available on the market but they typically have very limited pressure/ temperature ratings and are manufactured from materials that are not compatible with aggressive media such as H2S.

We have designed and supplied a unique special purpose HPHT chemical seal. It was implemented within a High Pressure, High-Temperature autoclave system for accurate simulation of downhole sour gas environments.

The chemical seal is rated 1700 bar, with operating pressure at temperatures up to 300°C and the main wetted components are manufactured by Hastelloy C276.

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A unique HPHT chemical seal was designed and implemented within a HPHT autoclave system, for accurate simulation of downhole sour gas environments.


  • 1700 Bar MWP
  • 63mm or 100mm Pressure Gauge & Integral Pressure Transmitter
  • Corrosive Media Separation
  • Dirty, Sand & Silt Media Separation
  • Media Temperature Up To 300°C
  • Standard HP Autoclave Connections
  • Wetted Components from Hastelloy C276


  • Fully Certified and Approved
  • Separation of Corrosive Media Provides a Clean and Adequate Interface for Installation of Standard Components, e.g. Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transmitters
  • Separation Provides a Clean Pressure Control System for Robust Operation