Pressure vessel for testing underwater positioning transponders & transceivers for locating subsea equipment

(Ref: SO153, Equip No. 1093)

Special purpose pressure vessel for hydrostatic testing of underwater positioning transponders and transceivers. They are used to ensure the accurate positioning and location of subsea equipment, both towed and autonomous, subsea cables and pressure housing assemblies.

They are vertical in orientation, located on a support stand partly submerged in a concrete pit. The closure is approx. 1000mm from the floor height, enabling the operator to access the closure at a feasible height.

Lifting points are accessible enabling the complete system to be raised from the pit, directly onto the workshop floor for test product change-over. The main closure assembly consists of a separate plug, retained by a threaded lock ring, with 4 off screwed in handles.

Pressure690 bar (10,000 psi)
Bore sizeØ350mm to 1400mm depth
Volume140 litre
Ports2 fill/drain
Material of constructionCarbon Steel
Corrosion protectionElectroless Nickel Plating