As well as supplying pressure vessels, pressure control systems and complete turnkey testing facilities; KW Designed Solutions can provide customers with additional equipment required .This includes ancillary equipment, customer tooling and standard off-the-shelf OEM products.

Customer Tooling

Customer tooling is bespoke tooling, which is designed and manufactured to be an integral part of the testing regime. It is used to assist functionality and safely secure the customers test products (DUT); creating a safe working environment.

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OEM Products

KW Designed Solutions supply a vast range of OEM products, which are associated with pressure testing systems and pressure test applications.
We have a wealth of experience in sourcing and supplying, the most suitable products for all application requirements. We also ensure our products remain competitively priced, compared to other suppliers and distributors.

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Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary equipment supports and enhances the operational capabilities of our products; improving the customer’s own in-house testing facilities and ensuring that the testing process is made as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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