Cryogenic Seal Test Rig

KW Designed Solutions has developed and engineered specialist pieces of high pressure equipment for carrying out high, low and cryogenic temperature testing of elastomeric, PTFE and thermoplastic seals.

We have provided configurable solutions for testing both static and dynamic seal applications with linear and rotary movement whilst also being able to carry out back pressure testing.

Typical testing standards include: -

  • API 6A PR2 (ISO 10423) Qualification
  • ISO13628 Qualification
  • ISO 15848 Class A & B Fugitive Emissions
  • Shell MESC SPE 77-312 Class A & B Fugitive Emissions

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the Seal Test Rig can be used with any test medium including liquid helium, liquid nitrogen as well as test media containing hydrocarbons.

A modular design ensures that the Seal Test Rig can be configured to suit any type of piston or rod seal arrangements including O-Rings, T-Seals, Lip Seals, Chevron seals, Spring Energised Seals and Variseals.

Neatly coupled together with a combined linear & rotary actuator allows the control of variable stroke distance, stroke speed and rotational speed, allowing the user to set tests up to directly replicate the real application.  Furthermore, when connected to a KWDS Pressure Control System, it also means the process can be automated with pressure cycling capabilities.

Various types of sealing solutions are used in low temperature applications found in a many different industries: -

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food production
  • Brewing
  • Chemical
  • Refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Petroleum
  • Textile
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace

We can also design and manufacture a bespoke Seal Test Rig to simulate any application and help you achieve a higher Technical Readiness Level (TRL) for your sealing solution before it goes into production.

Cryogenic Seal Test Rig

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